Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where I'm From Poem

We are supposed to include a "Where I'm From" poem for our's mine:

Where I'm From

by LeahThomas

I'm from the country

Wide grassy pastures stretched out in the sun

Wild strawberries and pecans from the backyard

and old pickups on gravel roads

I'm from tire swings and trampolines

cows and horses watching over the fence

Late summer nights

of lightning bugs winking and windchimes singing

the deep tones of a grandfather clock saying goodnight


smelling of homemade biscuits

crawling out from under soft old quilts

Laughter rising

Itchy sweet hay tossed up

Porch swings swaying

Local gossip

with fresh caught catfish

and family time

I'm from hands that tend the earth

and animals

I'm from a love of the land

and of the written word

I'm from high school sweethearts

and from where they left

I'm from where they return

and where I always will.

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