Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Global Literacies

I definitely enjoyed the Global Literacies online webinar - but I must say, as a novice, I didn't understand a lot.  There were a lot of acronyms that I had no idea what they stood for.  Other than that, I found the couple who led the webinar to be very intellectual and impassioned people.  I am interested in ESOL and TESOL so I decided that between my schedule and the topic for the night - that this was the one I should attend.  I did have some serious audio problems at the onset - it was weird - it sounded like there were multiple people talking over one another at the same time.  I don't know it that is normal or not, but it was definitely confusing.  Once that issue was resolved, I settled in and was interested.  A former teacher of mine loves teaching TESOL so I definitely was more intrigued as a result.  I also realize that in this day and age, that being more culturally informed is a good thing, as well as enlightening.  I think of myself at a younger age - what if I had moved to a different country and was in their education system?  Good teachers are good teachers - I hope to be one and that language won't be an obstacle to the delivery of my message that learning is opening yourself up to the world.

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