Thursday, September 27, 2012

DS 106 Spubble

DS 106

For my Digital Media class we are supposed to do some "assignments" for this website DS 106.  They actually look pretty entertaining and interesting, hence the quotation marks around the word "assignments."  I will admit to being pretty over-extended recently so I chose a simple one for my first entry.  My technical skills seem limited to me considering what I've seen on the website and from other classmates but I will attempt something more difficult (for me) for future assignments.  This one appealed to me - "Your very own Spubble"- because it is within my capabilities and I wanted to cheer someone up.  The assignment was to find a picture of yourself looking expressive (in my case I look irritated) and add to it with a caption.  By the way, it did cheer someone up - at my expense - but I have no problem with that in this case.

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